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Self Employed and need a mortgage?


Historically self employed people have found it harder to raise mortgage finance than wage and salary earners. In response to this need, Camelot Mortgage Solutions have identified and sourced products that make it easy for the self employed to raise a mortgage.

No Financial Records Required Many self employed people have a lower declared income than their actual income because their businesses pay for a home office, vehicle costs and many other legitimate ways of reducing their taxable income. Unfortunately, when the bank looks at their income for borrowing purposes they see the declared income, not what the borrower actually earns.

To meet demand, a number of lenders have introduced a product allowing a borrower who has reasonable equity to secure a mortgage at standard market rates, without presenting financial records.

This is an extremely attractive product to people who:

  • have a low declared income
  • find it difficult to complete financial statements
  • want a minimum of hassle

In addition to this we can draw upon the services of lenders who require only one years financial records; typically two years are required.

Camelot Mortgage Solutions have had a lot of experience working with self employed people. We can secure the best mortgage for your situation and will work with you and your accountant to decide the best way to structure that mortgage.

Simply call us on 0800 LENDING or email us and we will get one of our specialist brokers to make contact with you.