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Mortgages for New Zealand Home Buyers! 

Camelot Mortgage Solutions are an independent mortgage broker that places mortgages with just about every bank and non bank lender in New Zealand.

We'll source the home loan you need from the lender that offers the best mortgage deal for you personally, free and at your convenience.

Selling one house and buying another

If you are moving house, you'll want to keep things as stress-free as possible. We recommend pre-qualifying for mortgage finance before you start, that way you can begin looking as soon as your property goes on the market, and start negotiating with vendors as soon as your property is sold.

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Mortgages for Self employed

If you work for yourself, and want to get a mortgage, we specialise in finance for self employed business people. Depending on circumstances, we can get you a mortgage with no need for financial accounts, or find a lending institution that understands business people.

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First home buyers with low deposit

If you dream of owning your own home, but struggle to save the deposit, we can help. As long as you have a reasonable income, and/or are a couple, have limited debt and a clean credit record you can buy your own home with low deposit.

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People with a poor credit history

Most people go through tough times at some stage, and if you have had financial trouble we can help. Depending on circumstances, a poor credit record needn't stop you from getting a mortgage.

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Mortgages for Immigrants

If you have permanent residency in New Zealand, and want to buy a house, we can help. Even if you have no credit history, or even no deposit, we can help you get a piece of New Zealand to call your own.

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