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Building : Stage 4 - Buy the land 

Before you buy the land:

  • Check that the boundary pegs match up with what's shown on the site plans. If there are no surveyed plans, you will need to get a surveyor to plot the land contours, and remember to include their costs in your budget.
  • Check out the site's aspect to the sun. Are there trees or buildings that will block your sunlight, especially in winter when the sun is lower? Could a building be built, or trees planted in such a way as to block your sun?
  • Is access to the site difficult? If so it can have a big impact on building costs.
  • Check what services (water, power, phone, gas) are connected to the site boundary, and find out how much it will cost to bring these services on site.
  • What are the building covenants over the site? Most new subdivisions have restrictions on the types of materials and minimum dwelling sizes. These can have significant impact on building cost. There is frequently a requirement for the building plan to be approved by the developer. If the approval is not forthcoming you might have difficulty in selling your home in the future or even face court action. We suggest your solicitor scrutinises any restrictive covenants prior to any sale and purchase agreements being signed.
  • Get a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) Report from the council. A LIM Report gives you a lot of important information you should have before you make a purchase decision, including; storm and drainage, likelihood of flooding, erosion risk, heritage and conservation classifications, zoning and anything else that might impact on you building on the land.
  • Check Resource consents. In most cases this won't be required, but it pays to check. The local district scheme available through your council planning department will tell you if there are any specified restrictions that will affect your building plan, e.g.; protected trees, access, and neighbours rights. If your plans don't adhere to these requirements you will have to apply for resource consent.

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