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About Us

"We have extensive experience in obtaining Mortgage Solutions for clients"
"We are committed to Making Mortgages Easier"

Camelot Mortgage Solutions is one of New Zealand's fastest growing mortgage brokering companies with over $1 Billion in home loans in place for clients. We are a totally free and completely independent service provider.

Our professional knowledge is of the absolute highest calibre, as we have expert brokers who pride themselves on finding SOLUTIONS which best match peoples needs and goals. Our determination on your behalf has to be seen to be believed.

Best of all - we really get to know you, to understand your situation like no-one else. Because quite simply, we care like no-one else!

We are committed to "MAKING MORTGAGES EASIER" and to always placing the clients needs first. Brokers advocate skilfully on behalf of clients and invariably obtain a better deal for the client than they could obtain from their own bank.

Our Service Guarantee

Not only are we determined to get you into your home, we also help you in valuable ongoing ways...

  • We liaise fully with your lawyer (we can even help you get one if need be)
  • We will arrange any and all insurance cover for your property
  • We will remain available for any of your queries and to provide support
  • We contact you quarterly with our informative newsletter
  • We provide ongoing advice on interest rates, and evolving loan products as they become available to the market place.

The point is - we believe in keeping clients for life!

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